Sandisk m240 updating

Many Leica users have had problems with sandisk, including myself.

List which sandisk exreme pro you are using for everyone so they know it's a safe card.

Under Windows 98, Sandisk has to be switched to MSC mode.

This can be done in USB settings menu of the player.

I have not had a chance to use the M-D 262, but I fall into the camp who finds benefit from an LCD.

Hi Minni Try this link here - Link for info about your Sansa-driver.

The Q and SL are better video platforms and gives Leica the space to produce a purely still image M body.

I made more “keeper” images with that M-E in the 2 years I used it than I had with my DSLR in previous years. With Leica’s introduction of the Q and SL, and strangely enough, the collector’s item M60, I thought this was a good sign for the return of a “classic” digital M focused only on still images.

Since they are one of the biggest producers of flash memory, they can create players with a large storage for the great price plus they offer Micro SD slot for easy expansion of storage.

Unlike Sandisk's older players, the new line - Sandisk Sansa was not provided with Windows 98 drivers.


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