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When I answered you couldn't believe what I was saying, we seemed absurd.

But the more the thing was amazing plus the fact of not having to deal with a pig aroused some curiosity ...

Online shops offers: Fragrance 15 items for 1.39 - 27.99 USDFragrance UK 12 items for 2.30 - 32.59 GBPFragrance 11 items for 2.99 - 42.29 USDPerfume Click 4 items for 15.90 - 32.45 3 items for 16.50 - 28.40 uk 6 items for 17.98 - 43.59 2 items for 28.00 - 44.00 4 items for 28.00 - 77.00 GBPMankind 2 items for 28.00 - 44.00 GBPBeauty Expert 4 items for 28.00 - 77.00 GBPEscentual 2 items for 41.00 - 78.00 GBPCOSME-DE. The intensive green ivy note is fresh and optimistic. I feel like a 90s manic pixie dream girl in a sexy fairie outfit running through a twilight forest when I wear this. I tested it recently in the store and just couldn't recognize it.

Beautiful anise note is a perfect match to licorice and violet. It is mysterious but inoffensive and very accessible. It is so ethereal and whimsical, a little blue glass apple with a golden stem..

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I kept it in my memory as a very special cute darling scent.

I rarely put attention to other peoples perfume, but this time I was delighted appreciating the soft, mildly sweet and powdery scent, I could feel the vanilla and something that reminded me a very soft child cologne. After a while the tonka and vanilla notes start to kick in. I can pick out different notes every time I wear it.

Sau đó vài năm ông được mời sang Mĩ giảng dạy văn học trong một trường đại học ở New England.

Bà chủ nhà trọ chỗ Humbert ở là Charlotte Haze yêu ông ta nhưng ông ta chẳng hề thấy hứng thú gì nơi người đàn bà góa phụ này, ngược lại Humbert lại yêu cô con gái tên là Lolita mới 12 tuổi của bà ta.

Anybody else noticed that the reformulation did this formerly beautiful scent injustice?

I'll give it another try in a different store, just to make sure.


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