Consolidating student loans advice sallie mae

You can use our Student Loan Calculator for a quick estimate of your new loan.

If you are looking for student loan debt help, you are not alone. Direct Consolidation Loans - Federal student loans consolidation help may be obtained from your local college financial aid office, or from the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Information Center, if you have loans direct from the government.

Two of the 7 loans are unsubsidized, but I don't really know what difference that makes at the moment, since I am out of school. If you can't consolidate for a lower rate at about the same repayment period, then it's not worth it long term.

If you want to reduce your monthly payout, then consolitating might allow you to stretch repayment out further, reducing your payments.

“Student Loan Hero filled me in on refinancing options for private loans.See Why Income Based Student Loan Payments Can Be a Terrible Trap.On the private student loan front the first thing to consider is if the loans were used for expenses other than for school.Many people may qualify for public service loan forgiveness without even knowing.In order to qualify for public service loan forgiveness there are a few requirements you must meet; you must perform volunteer work... Do you have a Smart Option Student Loan or a Signature Student Loan?I've got about ,000 left in loans and am paying about 5 a month on Sallie Mae.


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